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About Company

Hello and Welcome,

I'd like to personally welcome you to my development. There has been many days where I hear about friends living check to check. I wanted more for them. I started to learn about moniterizing websites using Adsense, Clickbank, Amazon etc. I specialize in providing my many satisified customers with a wide variety of high quality scripts and business in a box websites with the most profitable and popular niches. The websites purchased are money making websites that are monetized with"Clickbank, Adsense, Amazon etc. I like to provide a opportunity for hard working people to make big profits with absolutely ZERO work!

Founded in 2017 by Ms. Evangeline Ariola with the help of a childhood friend and co partner Mr. Ruben J Burgos Sr. who is:

I would like to utilize the opportunity to introduce myself to this collective development business under Urban Media Global Network Collective and Artist Promotion Multimedia Music Network as Business Development Executive, I like to move along constantly transforming technology and hence adopt the most advance tools and practices. All our sites have an easy-to-use admin panel making editing and customization a breeze, check out our store to start making money online today!

I offer following Services: 

(1)   Website Designing Services

(2)   Website Development Services 

(3)   Frameworks:PHP, 

(4)   Layout: Responsive, Parllax, Web 2.0, Mobile/Tab Comatible 

(5)   FrontEnd: BootStrap, HTML5, Responsive 

(6)   Open source: Wordpress, Magento with theme 

Please reply back with your specific requirement related to the new website- If you want "Informative or  E-commerce Shopping website". feel free to fill out the contact form with more information as it will help me a lot. 


It will enable us to send Past Work, Pricing structure and timeline in the form of best possible information. 

Kind Regards

Ms. Evangeline Ariola

Founder/ Owner / Business Development Executive